Comparing the dpl® IIa, the dpl® II, and the LookBook Panels

Comparing the dpl® IIa, the dpl® II, and the LookBook Panels

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Our reVive Light Therapy® and dpl® Light Therapy brands offer a wide range of home light therapy products. They come in different sizes, shapes, and prices. And they’re meant to address very different issues, from wrinkle reduction to acne control and prevention to pain relief.

Here, we’ll break down the differences in our various panel devices, so you can make the best choice when deciding which one is right for you. 

But first, let’s look at what our three most popular panel LED devices have in common.

DPL IIa, DPL II and the LookBook panels facing forward in a row to show size difference


The dpl® IIa, the dpl® II, and the LookBook all provide:

  • Anti-aging benefits including: 
    • Combined Infrared (IR) 880nm, Deep Red 660nm, Red 630nm, and Amber 605nm (plus Blue 415 for Acne Setting on the dpl® IIa) light spectrum
    • Reduced wrinkles and fine lines 
    • Reduced appearance of smile and frown lines 
    • Enhanced skin tone 
    • Stimulation of natural collagen and elastin 
    • Support for skin healing and recovery 
    • Minimization of sun damage including sunburn and age spots  
    • Minimization of bruising, cuts, and scrapes 
    • Reduced scarring from acne 
  • Additional features including: 
    • FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device 
    • Simple operation with auto shut-off 
    • 1-year warranty 
    • Relaxation goggles 
    • User guide 
    • AC/DC power supply 

With all those great features and benefits in common, you can’t really go wrong. But your choice will be made in the differences. So what makes each of these impressive panels unique? 

DPL Panel compared to LookBook panel showing difference in size of treatment area

dpl® IIa

The dpl® IIa  Professional Anti-Aging and Acne Treatment Light Therapy is an all-in-one panel that offers maximum versatility, which includes: 

  • Two 5′ x 7′ panels for the largest treatment area 
  • All the Anti-Aging benefits and Additional Features listed above 
  • An Acne setting, featuring 415nm Blue light, which reaches deep where bacteria live, soothes inflammation and reduces pore size, purifies the skin, stabilizes oil glands, reduces future acne flare-ups and potential scarring, and calms redness and inflammation 
  • Combo setting providing both Anti-Aging and Acne benefits at the same time, cutting treatment time in half!
  • It’s also FSA/HSA eligible because of its Acne setting

In short, the dpl® IIa is the dpl® II plus acne treatment. If you struggle with full-face, back, or other large-area acne issues, this is the best panel for you.

“I am a busy mom with not a lot of time for selfcare. I needed something that would fit into my hectic schedule. Due to the short treatment times I am able to fit the dpl® IIa into my daily routine and my skin has never looked better! Thanks to the dual settings, my teenager has been acne free since starting her treatments too!”

Brittany C.

dpl® II

The dpl® II Professional Anti-Aging Light Therapy is our original large panel, focused exclusively on Anti-Aging therapy, which includes:

  • Two 5′ x 7′ panels for the largest treatment area (same as the dpl® IIa)
  • All the Anti-Aging benefits and Additional Features listed above
  • Lower price than the dpl® IIa

In short, the dpl® II is the dpl® IIa minus acne treatment. If you don’t struggle with full-face, back, or other large-area acne issues, but want a large treatment area for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging, then this is a great way to target what you need while saving a bit of money.

If you struggle with occasional breakouts, explore our line of spot treatment devices for acne. Since treating your skin with blue light can destroy the good bacteria along with the acne-causing bacteria, spot treatment devices are the recommended solution for minor breakouts or the occasional pimple.

“I love that the dpl® II gives me a few minutes of quiet and soft warmth while I meditate in the morning. I have noticed a considerable improvement in my décolleté where it is sun damaged. There are fewer spots, and the skin seems more taut.”

Angi T.


The reVive Light Therapy® LookBook – Anti-Aging Light Therapy is a slimmer, smaller panel perfect for easy packing and travel, which includes:

  • Two 3.75″ x 6.5″ panels (for a smaller treatment area than the dpl® panels)
  • All the Anti-Aging benefits and Additional Features listed above
  • Lower price than both dpl® panels

In short, the LookBook is a less expensive option that provides all the anti-aging benefits of our larger panels in a smaller package. If you’re just getting started with light therapy, this is a budget-friendly way to do it. And if you travel often, and don’t want to be without your light therapy, the LookBook is a great choice.

“I love the LookBook because it is easy to use, does not take up a lot of space and is very lightweight. I have noticed significantly less wrinkles throughout my face but specifically my forehead and under eye area.”

Devan F.

We want to make your choice between our reVive Light Therapy® and dpl® Light Therapy products as easy as possible. For additional comparison guides, check out our Comparing the Portables and Comparing the Handhelds articles. For additional questions, check out our FAQs or contact us.

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