Vio® Orb — UV Sanitation

Vio Orb — UV Sanitation
orb in humidifier
Vio Orb — UV Sanitation
orb in humidifier
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Vio® Orb — UV Sanitation

One of a Kind

Meet your new best defense against everyday germs and bacteria that are tough to tackle. Helpful, portable, and waterproof, the Vio® Orb is a ping-pong sized device that uses safe and effective blue/UV-A light to kill algae, mold, fungus, and bacteria in everyday items.

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Innovation in the Palm of Your Hand

The first of its kind, the Vio® Orb emits blue light in the 405nm spectrum. Proven to destroy microorganisms, 405nm light can kill bacteria, algae, and mold. Small and spherical in design, the Orb can fit into many products while sending light in all directions. The Orb is also waterproof and magnetic, making it versatile for multiple items and areas of everyday life!

Think about the products you use daily but rarely clean. Your humidifier, shoes, pet bowl, lockers, water bottles, meat, and veggie drawers. The Orb is perfect for disinfecting the products you use often, clean rarely, and don’t want to spray disinfectant in!

The Vio® Orb uses blue/UV-A light that is medically-proven to kill harmful germs.

Each Orb emits blue 405nm light and low-intensity UV-A light. Medical studies show that this spectrum is effective at killing and inhibiting the growth of germs that can cause diseases—like fungus/mold, bacteria, algae, and their spores. The Orb is the size of a ping-pong ball and fits inside many products. Its spherical design sends light in all directions. It’s waterproof. These attributes make the Orb very useful at keeping you and your family healthier.

Not be confused with UV-C in the 100nm-280nm range that is used in industrial applications, or UV-B in the 280-315nm range that’s emitted from the sun and can cause skin damage with long-term exposure, our Orb light peaks at a safe 405nm and tails off in low intensities to UV-A (only as far as 375nm) and blue light. The Orb is a new tool in your germ-killing arsenal that can be safely handled and used inside many products to keep your family healthier.

Medical studies:


  • 2 Vio® Orb UV Sanitizers
  • Charging Station
  • User Guide


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