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I use red light to increase collagen around the eyes. Blue light to kill the acne-causing bacteria around the face. For those areas that need the help of both – combo mode! Just a few days of 3 minute spa treatments and my crow’s feet are fading!

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  1. A

    I used this on scars. Even my doctor was impressed by the results

  2. E

    Works great! Only issue is it can only do a small area at once. It’s easy to use while you watch tv or relax. Hard to tell when the 3 mins is up so you have to pay close attention to the light.

  3. A

    I am loving this product! I got one for my grandmother who has a tendency of having puffiness under her eyes and this product reduced it so much. I suffer from acne scars and have seen great improvements from using this product!!

  4. IJ

    I own the full panel but sometimes I don’t have time to use it every morning and night. I’ve found the portable light to be useful especially with healing my piercings, so I’ll treat it after I spray some saline solution and it helps it heal faster!

  5. A

    I’ve been using the light wand consistently and think that I’ve seen a difference in my skin’s overall strength. However, the product is not as advertised. The description claims the wand has blue and red light, but my product only has red light.

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