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  • Lux Collection Panel standing open like a book, with LED lights on.Lux Collection dpl IIa LED Treatment Panel is being held with two hands by a woman in front of a bathroom counter.
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    Lux Collection dpl IIa – LED Treatment Panel Anti-Aging & Acne


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  • Two Lux Collecton Clinical products have LED lights on; they sit on white acrylic blocks and one's triangular head faces the viewer and the other faces downLux Collection Clinical has LED lights on and triangular head facing up while in the hands of a woman at a bathroom counter
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    Lux Collection Clinical Anti-Aging & Acne


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  • Lux Collection Sonique Mini sonique cleanser is sitting atop clear acrylic blocks with LED lights on.Lux Collection Sonique Mini sonic cleanser is in a woman's hands as she applies facewash cream to the brush head while the LED lights are on.
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    Lux Collection Soniqué Mini Cleanser Anti-Aging & Acne

    A Breakthrough in Facial Cleansing. The reVive Light Therapy™ Lux...

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  • Lux Collection Sonique sonic cleanser rests on clear acrylic block, with LED lights on and cleansing brush head facing the viewerLux Collection Sonique sonic cleanser in the hands of a woman in front of a bathroom counter; the LED lights are on and the serum massage brush head is facing upwards
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    Lux Collection Soniqué Cleanser Anti-Aging & Acne

    THE FUTURE OF SKINCARE IS HERE. The reVive Light Therapy™...

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The Benefits of LED Light Therapy for Skincare

Complete your skincare routine with easy-to-use LED devices that produce noticeable results. reVive Light Therapy™ devices incorporate blue, red, amber, and infrared light for a wide range of benefits.

Achieve a soft, well-hydrated complexionAchieve a soft, well-hydrated complexion
Stimulate natural collagen and elastin production for youthful skinStimulate natural collagen and elastin production for youthful skin
Enhance your skin tone and textureEnhance your skin tone and texture
#GetGlowing with radiant, energized skin#GetGlowing with radiant, energized skin
The Benefits of LED Light Therapy for Skincare

Explore reVive Light Therapy Applications

reVive Light Therapy offers an effective solution for your skincare needs. Shop products from the LED Technologies’ reVive Light Therapy line to experience real results backed by science.


  • Acne treatment: Clear your complexion from home with blue light therapy devices that destroy acne-causing bacteria
  • Anti-aging: Try red light skincare products to gain back your confidence with smooth and radiant skin
  • Lip care: Experience a comfortable way to achieve smooth, voluptuous lips
  • Accessories: Upgrade your skincare routine with accessories that help you get more from each light therapy device
  • Sonic Cleansers: LED Technologies combines LED light therapy with sonic vibrations – the next generation of powerful skin cleansing treatments. Sonic vibrations open pores for a deeper clean, leaving your skin refreshed after each use.


How Does Light Therapy Work?

Scientists discovered more than a century ago that light has therapeutic qualities for the skin. Light affects us on a cellular level, energizing our cells’ mitochondria to improve function and expedite numerous processes. Because of the increased blood circulation, light therapy allows more oxygen to our skin cells in order for them to heal, grow, and replicate faster.

Today, we use small light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for various skincare remedies. Each LED color has a different wavelength and a different interaction with our cells. Amber, red, infrared, and blue LEDs each play a part in anti-aging remedies and acne treatments.

Is Light Therapy for Skin Effective?

Yes, light therapy can lead to noticeable results in various skincare applications. Our customers have reduced acne-causing bacteria using our blue light therapy products. Red light therapy devices stimulate elastin and collagen production to reduce wrinkles, enhance skin tone, and provide various other anti-aging benefits. Light therapy works wonders for our customers and can make a difference in your life.

How Long Does Light Therapy for Skincare Take?

Light therapy is fast and easy to add to your skincare routine. You can use LED Technology products daily for 3 minutes to get results, however, we’ve found the best skin results occur when used up to 3 times daily. You’ll see noticeable results soon after including LED skincare in your routine. We usually find that users with Acne see results in days while users with Anti-Aging products see results within 6-10 weeks.

Is Light Therapy Safe?

Light therapy is cleared by the FDA as a safe and effective way to lessen the appearance of wrinkles, reduce acne, enhance lip volume, and more. Infrared, red, amber, and blue LED lights are not ultraviolet (UV) light. Therefore, they pose no risk of impacting your skin health. Implementing light therapy within each product’s recommended time limit is completely safe.

Learn More About reVive Light Therapy

Light therapy can be the difference-maker that helps you achieve clearer skin with fewer wrinkles and lines. Browse all of our reVive Light Therapy products to bolster your skincare routine with effective at-home LED devices. To learn more, visit our FAQ page or keep up with our blog for LED light therapy information and tips.

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