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    Personal Air Purifier

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Discover all UV Sanitation

The benefits of UV light sanitation

Get worry-free sanitation in minutes with our easy-to-use UV sanitizing devices, which incorporate powerful UVC light for maximum results.

Destroys harmful bacteriaDestroys harmful bacteria
No harsh chemicals neededNo harsh chemicals needed
Safe and easy-to-useSafe and easy-to-use
Fast-acting and effectiveFast-acting and effective
The benefits of UV light sanitation

UVC Light Sanitation

As hard as you work to keep your home clean, germs and bacteria are sneaky adversaries. You’ll need innovative tools to fight the contaminants you can’t see. An ultraviolet light sanitizer can be the perfect addition to your cleaning routine.

Vio® devices use UVC light to target harmful microorganisms. UVC light has the unique ability to destroy bacteria, germs, and microbes that infect your home’s air, surfaces, and water in minutes. The wavelength is just right for getting through to bacteria’s DNA, where it causes them to break down from the inside out.

While Vio® devices are tough on microorganisms, they’re designed to be safe for you and your loved ones. UVC light is different from the sun’s UVB rays, so you can use UVC light to sanitize your home with total confidence in your Vio Products.

Why LED Technologies?

LED Technologies is an innovator in UV sanitation. We manufacture products that make the latest advancements easy to use in your home.

Our tools are practical, and they can make a difference in your life. Our Vio products will range from air purifiers, beauty mirrors, humidifiers, shoe sanitizers, and more.  We develop LED devices that destroy unwanted bacteria wherever they hide.

When you order from LED Technologies, you’re eligible for a 10% discount on your first purchase. Shop online or get in touch with a representative to find the right Vio® light sanitizer for your home.

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