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Understanding LED Light Therapy

Pain occurs when your cells experience damage from an injury, disease, or fatigue. Your nervous system recognizes that cells have been damaged, so it sends a warning signal to your brain — which registers as pain. Rather than tricking your nervous system as pain medication does, light therapy provides pain relief by helping your damaged cells regenerate quickly while reducing inflammation and swelling.

Cells can gain energy from light. LED therapy devices use red light to energize surface-level cells while implementing infrared light to reach the deepest tissue. What’s more, the lights encourage blood to flow to the treatment area, increasing the damaged nerves and cells’ oxygen intake. The increased blood flow to the area in need of repair builds back proteins in your joints and muscles.

Ensuring proper blood flow to the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves is key to maintaining good nerve health. Cells and nerves can recover faster, ending the distress signal and relieving the pain.

Quick Relief for Sore, Aching Feet

Kick back and relax while you relieve muscle spasms, stiffness, and soreness with our FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical-grade light therapy devices.
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