Looking for Teeth Whitening Light? Meet Our Oral Care Light Therapy System

Looking for Teeth Whitening Light? Meet Our Oral Care Light Therapy System

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Your search for an effective at-home oral care system is over. If you’re tired of bleeding gums, horrible halitosis, and a dull smile, then we have a solution for you. Our dpl® Oral Care Light Therapy System is designed to not only alleviate your gums of gingivitis but also halt halitosis and improve your overall oral health. Ideally, our product will impress your dentist and land you a good oral hygiene report. The dpl® Oral Care Light Therapy System uses infrared, blue, and red light LEDs, which are medically proven to increase circulation, enhance gum health, and relieve pain. Unlike other big brand names getting into the light therapy industry, our Oral Care Light Therapy System is rechargeable and reusable, even after 10 uses. We also offer a 6 month warranty on this device.

How to use the dpl Oral Care System:

  • Place the mouth tray in your mouth
  • Activate the lights by pressing the On/Off power button
  • Leave the device in your mouth for 10 minutes
  • The device will automatically shut off once treatment is complete
  • Remove the device from your mouth and pull apart the device
  • Wash mouth tray for optimal cleaning and hygiene practices

You may choose to pair teeth whitening gel along with our lights; whatever brand makes you feel comfortable will work with our lights. The only recommendation we have is to apply the gel directly to your teeth to ensure each tooth is getting the same exposure. As a friendly reminder, a one-time use of our Oral Care Light Therapy System will not produce remarkable results. Light therapy works from the inside out and can take up to 3 weeks of consistent use of this device to notice positive differences. Much like our skin care program, we encourage progress photos. Watch your oral health go from mediocre to astonishingly radiant. Start noticing a healthier mouth. Order your dpl® Oral Care Light Therapy System today.

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