Everything You Need to Know About Red and Infrared Light Therapy

Everything You Need to Know About Red and Infrared Light Therapy

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Many types of light therapy devices are available, which can make it challenging to decide on the best one. Red and infrared light therapy both provide powerful treatment for skincare and even pain relief.

Before you begin exploring red and infrared LED devices, it’s important to understand the benefits of each type of light. That way, you can choose the light therapy solution that’s right for your skincare and overall wellness goals.

Red Light vs. Infrared Light Therapy: What Is the Difference?

There are a few differences between red and infrared light therapy. The first is that while we can see red light, the human eye cannot detect infrared, since it has less energy than light in the visible spectrum. Second, infrared has a longer wavelength than red light, allowing it to reach deeper into our skin, muscles, and nerves.

Learn more about the differences between red light therapy vs. infrared and their various benefits:

What Is Red Light Therapy, and What Are the Benefits?

Learn more about the differences between red light therapy vs. infrared and their various benefits:

What Is Red Light Therapy, and What Are the Benefits?

Light therapy tools are often categorized by color. This is because each type of light has a specific wavelength that produces different effects on the body. In light therapy, these wavelengths matter. Red lights have the perfect wavelength for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and the skin’s texture, color, and overall complexion. Red light therapy won’t penetrate as deeply as other LEDs, such as infrared light, making it ideal for skincare regimens.

Experts believe red light therapy works by strengthening mitochondria, which are responsible for producing energy in our body’s cells. Mitochondria are mainly stored in the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which helps the body use its energy. When you apply these rays to your skin, red light therapy energizes your cells to repair and rejuvenate your skin while boosting cell production.

Additionally, red lights help promote blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your skin’s surface and creating a radiant, healthy glow.

Even though red light therapy is most well-known for its anti-aging benefits, you will also find red lights used in pain relief products. That’s because increased circulation from red light therapy brings more oxygen to cells and removes toxins for accelerated healing and recovery.

What Is Infrared Light Therapy, and What Are the Benefits?

Light in the infrared range of the spectrum penetrates much deeper than red light to better reach nerves and muscle tissue. Infrared LED light therapy allows the cells to absorb energy and increase blood flow in the localized area.

Increased blood flow can reduce inflammation associated with various conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Experts have also noted how well infrared light treatments promote neural stimulation, wound healing, and even cancer treatment.

It can also support natural cellular regeneration to speed up the body’s natural healing processes. Studies have shown infrared’s effectiveness in promoting wound and injury healing. As a result, infrared light therapy products are excellent for pain relief. They are ideal for athletes hoping to recover their muscles and people struggling with tight or sore muscles and achy bones.

Due to their regenerative properties, many people use infrared light for skincare and anti-aging regimens. The correct dose of infrared treatment can help reverse signs of aging and minimize scarring from acne.

man using red light on his shoulder with the words red and infrared light therapy can be combined to deliver maximum results for people with signs of aging or arthritis pain

Can Red and Infrared Light Therapy Be Combined? 

Yes, red and infrared lights can, and in most cases, should be combined. 

Red and infrared light therapy can be combined to deliver maximum results for people with signs of aging or for pain relief, like arthritis pain.

By combining these LEDs, anti-aging therapy devices can more effectively reduce signs of aging and improve the skin’s overall complexion.

Additionally, most pain relief devices are created using a combination of red and infrared light. These tools provide powerful soothing and regeneration of sore muscles.

Other benefits of red and infrared light therapy include:

  • Repairs tissue
  • Relieves muscle and joint aches
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Relieves pain and stiffness associated with arthritis
  • Enhances muscle recovery
  • Accelerates healing

These devices target all body parts, relieving discomfort in the neck and head, hands, wrists, joints, and even feet. They help alleviate chronic pain caused by joint injury, arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, sprains, aches, and strains.

Choosing the Best Light Therapy Device for You

Understanding the unique benefits of red and infrared lights, and how they work in conjunction with each other, is important when it comes to finding the right product for your skincare and wellness aspirations. The next time you are shopping for light therapy devices, remember to consider the colors of LEDs the device uses so you can get the best value on your investment.

Along with the types of lights used, you should also take some time to understand how those lights are used. reVive Light Therapy™ uses deep penetrating light (dpl®) technology that works from the inside out to enhance the body’s cellular repair mechanism.

Incorporating dpl® allows the light to treat skincare concerns at a depth that many traditional topical solutions, like acne or retinol creams, cannot reach. Infrared lights penetrate deeper into joints and tissues, helping clear the skin of toxins and other unwanted cellular matter.

Once you’ve looked at the types of lights used and how they are used, you’ll want to consider other features like functionality, price, portability, and FDA clearance. Below are some of our top-rated, FDA-cleared devices to help you narrow down your options:

For multi-purpose, flexible pain relief:

The dpl® Flex Pad combines red and infrared lights to relieve achy joints, muscle spasms and stiffness. With a large 10.5 inch by 5.75 inch treatment area, you can use the flex pad on your shoulders, back, neck, legs, and other areas of your body. Plus, it’s FSA and HSA approved.

For pain relief you can take anywhere:

The dpl® Clinical—Pain Relief Light Therapy should be a good match. It uses infrared and red lights to help relax muscles and relieve muscle or joint pain. Best of all this powerful entry-level device is FSA and HSA approved.

For a complete anti-aging system:

The dpl IIa delivers a masterful combination of infrared, red, and amber lights with a large surface area that makes it easy to treat all your worry-areas in just minutes. Unlike other light therapy devices that only target the face, you can use the dpl IIa anywhere, like on the hands or chest area. Infrared waves reach deep into the joints and tissues to increase circulation, oxygenation, cellular repair, and reproduction. This helps remove toxins and unwanted cellular matter. As a bonus, the dpl IIa also includes a blue light therapy setting to treat and prevent acne.

To test the waters with anti-aging light therapy:

The reVive Light Therapy™ Essentials and Glō Anti-Aging are perfect for beginners. They are small but mighty, delivering both red and infrared lights each treatment session. If you decide you want to upgrade to a larger device down the road, these portable devices are great for stashing in your purse or travel luggage for quick treatments on the go.

try our red and infrared light therapy dpl products

Try Our Red and Infrared Light Therapy dpl® Products

While red and infrared light therapy devices have their differences, they are both helpful in treating various conditions, from chronic pain to skin imperfections.

At LED Technologies, we provide high-quality, innovative technologies to enhance your lifestyle. All our light therapy tools are FDA-cleared, safe, effective, and easy for treating acne, pain, or signs of aging.

For more advice on how to choose the best LED product, you can browse our blog.

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