Oral Care – LED Light Therapy for Teeth & Gum Care

dpl Oral Care — Teeth & Gums
Billo Oral Care
dpl LED Light Therapy Device for Teeth & Gum Care
Inside dpl Oral Care Package
dpl Oral Care System Package
dpl Oral Care Device on Counter
dpl Oral Care Kit
dpl Oral Care — Teeth & Gums
Billo Oral Care
dpl LED Light Therapy Device for Teeth & Gum Care
Inside dpl Oral Care Package
dpl Oral Care System Package
dpl Oral Care Device on Counter
dpl Oral Care Kit
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Oral Care – LED Light Therapy for Teeth & Gum Care

(35 customer reviews)

Healthier Gums and Whiter Teeth

The most advanced over-the-counter oral care light therapy system on the market is finally here. dpl® Oral Care has more power and has a larger treatment area than any other device of its kind.

Use the dpl® Oral Care for healthier gums, relief of oral pain, and fresher breath. And, as an additional benefit, the blue LED light increases the effectiveness of whitening strips and gels!

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One of Our Best Selling Devices!

dpl® Oral Care is an innovative tool that uses red, infrared, and blue light for teeth whitening, mouth pain relief, and overall better hygiene. This device has one of the largest treatment areas compared to others of its kind. Order today to receive LED Technologies’ FSA- and HSA-approved oral health device.

Benefits of an LED Light for Teeth

Meet the device that will take your oral hygiene to the next level. dpl® Oral Care will help you keep your mouth clean by using light that kills bacteria and enhances the effects of your other dental products.

As a light therapy device, dpl® Oral Care features light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that shine red, infrared, and non-UV blue light on the mouth tray. When you bite down, these lights will shine on your teeth and gums to unique effects.

Red and infrared light energize and soothe your mouth’s cells to expedite healing and provide pain relief, while the blue light destroys bacteria. If you use teeth whitening strips or gels, the blue light will accelerate the chemical reaction that makes them work. A 10-minute treatment a few times a day will help you combat gum disease, cold sores, and receding gums while freshening your breath and enhancing your beautiful smile.

Features and benefits of dpl® Oral Care include:

  • FDA-cleared LED therapy technology
  • FSA- and HSA-approved
  • Six-month warranty
  • Relief of oral pain
  • Improved gum health
  • Whiten teeth

Learn more about light therapy on our blog. This article might be of particular interest: Can Red Light Therapy Help with Oral Health?


  • dpl® Oral Care Device
  • 6-Month Warranty
  • Removable Mouth Tray
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Storage Case
  • User Guide

Honorable Mentions

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“Blue and red LEDs are medically proven to relieve pain, increase circulation, enhance gum health, freshen breath, and, yep, whiten teeth. The dpl® Oral Care Device is one of the most advanced over-the-counter whitening systems you can buy, and it works wonders. Blue light helps reduce bacteria, causing a whitening effect, while red and infrared lights improve gum health by increasing blood flow.”—Barret Wertz, GQ magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

How does light therapy for oral health care work?

How does Oral Care whiten teeth?

  • A whitening gel is required for teeth whitening while using the Oral Care device, as the blue LED light increases the effectiveness of whitening strips and gels; the blue light will accelerate the chemical reaction that makes them work. You may use any brand gel, strips, or foams currently available in local drugs stores, grocery stores or online. Apply the teeth whitening gel (or strips) according to their instructions first, then use Oral Care as instructed for teeth whitening.

What is the treatment time for teeth whitening?

  • Treatment time is 20 minutes. The device will automatically shut off after 10 minutes. (Each treatment requires two 10-minute sessions). Use with a teeth whitening gel of your choice. For the first week, depending on your whitening gel strength and teeth sensitivity, use once or twice daily (treatments can be back-to-back). After the first week, use 2-3 times per week or as needed. Helpful hint for teeth whitening: for maximum results, put gel directly on teeth instead of on a tray.

What teeth whitening products can I use?

  • The device works with most teeth whitening products. You can purchase teeth whitening products at stores or online. The brand or type of teeth product will vary person to person. For example, teeth sensitivity to topicals may determine which product works best for each individual.

Am I able to use the Oral Care with dentures, bridges, crowns, fillings or implants?

  • Yes, because we use medical-grade soft silicone, it is safe to use your device with dentures or other dental implants or orthodontics.

How should I clean the Oral Care light therapy device?

  • Remove the silicone mouth tray from the controller. Install the waterproof silicone cover over the USB connection on controller or cover it with your finger to avoid water (moisture) from getting inside the controller. Wash the mouthpiece in lukewarm water and then let the device air dry. Remove the waterproof silicone cover from the controller USB port.

What does the blinking light on the Oral Care device mean?

  • The battery indicator will blink on the controller of the dpl® Oral Care device. The key to using the device is to make sure the LEDs on the mouth tray light up. If you are not able to see the LEDs that is an indication that the device needs to be charged.

How do I turn the Oral Care device on/off?

  • To turn on the device, press and hold the on/off button for 2 seconds or until the LED lights on the mouth tray light up. The device will shut off automatically after 10 minutes. This time may vary based on the battery level. Charging typically takes 4-6 hours but may take longer depending on power source.

What material is the Oral Care mouth tray made of?

  • We use medical-grade soft silicone. You may purchase additional mouth trays by calling 1 (800) 337-9565 or emailing Customer Support at support@ledtechnologies.com.
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35 reviews for Oral Care – LED Light Therapy for Teeth & Gum Care

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Happy with the product and it’s results

  2. Laura Schaff (verified owner)

    This is really helping to keep my teeth whiter and my gums healthier!

  3. Mary (verified owner)

    I really feel like this is helping my gums not be as sensitive. My only issue with it is that I wish the low battery warning light would start flashing sooner. I will often be 2 minutes into a session when it starts flashing and by minute 3 it shuts off. I wish it would let me finish the 10 minute session. Other than that, great product.

    Update: After 2 months, the device now needs to be fully charged every single day. It dies after/during each use. At this point if is too much maintenance to use any more. I would try to get a replacement, but the policy states that the customer is responsible for return shipping, and I don’t want to waste any more money on this situation.

  4. Ruth (verified owner)

    Easy to use, charge, and clean. Haven’t had this item too long but it has helped with a gum sore issue so far. Anxious to use it to help whiten teeth.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

  6. David G. (verified owner)

    Works great.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    No experience yet

  8. Yi (verified owner)

  9. Javier M. (verified owner)

    I have found that after using this product for a couple of weeks I have no need for mouth wash anymore. It’s saving me money and keeping my teeth & gums healthy, so only positive things here!

  10. Charles Van Norman (verified owner)

    Has not been shipped to me.

  11. Sara (verified owner)

    I really like that this has red and infrared lights to help gums. Similar products out there just have the red and blue lights which only helps at skin level. The infrared goes deeper to repair the tissue. A charge lasts for 6 (10 min) sessions. I don’t bite too hard on the mouth piece because I saw the review that said they chewed theirs’s off. I like this product. I simply brush/floss and then put this in for 10-20 mins while I watch TV every other night.

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the progress so far. I believe this treatment is making a difference in my mouth and gum health.

  13. Becky (verified owner)

    This product was perfect‼️

    I have a small mouth; this product is way too big for a small mouth.

  14. Anonymous (verified owner)

  15. zhubate B. (verified owner)

    easy to use and feeling quite safe in my mouth

    Image #1 from zhubate B.
  16. Scott M. (verified owner)

    This product, for me, has been a great preventative to canker sores

  17. Nan Ambrosy (verified owner)

    Great results with just the first few uses

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I haven’t been using it long enough to know if there will be long term benefits, but the unit functions well and is easy to use and charge. Customer service was great- the shipping was very fast and they were quick to respond to my request for a FSA approved invoice. I wouldn’t hesitate to order another product in the future.

  19. TERESA (verified owner)

    this works great! my gums seem heathlier..no more bleeding and I ca see my teeth are getting whiter. great investment or for oral health

  20. Anna (verified owner)

    I have been using this oral device for approximately 1 month now. I‘m satisfied. I am using it primarily to improve the health of my gums. I feel that they already have improved. I‘m using pink himalayan salt rinses & a hydroxyapatite tooth paste along with the led. My teeth might have slightly gotten whiter, but I‘m not sure. It’s too short of a time yet.

  21. Tami (verified owner)

    Connection between mouth piece and the power part has an issue sometimes like it wiggles and is loose so im constantly checking to make sure it’s still on, other than that I am pleased so far noticed less bleeding of my gum when flossing so so far it seems to be helping.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

  23. Harry Kepaa (verified owner)

    Excellent on delivery and product.

  24. Edie C. (verified owner)

    I live this. Just had check up at dentist and she was so impressed with how clean my teeth were!

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to use. maybe the clinical device could be used similarly because the NIR penetrates 2″.

  26. Betty Ann R. (verified owner)

    I have been using it regularly since I got it and haven’t seen any results yet. I expect to see some benefits soon.

  27. Thomas H. (verified owner)

    I thought there would be more ultraviolet LEDs

    • LED Technologies Customer Service (store manager)

      Hi Thomas! Actually, all the lights used in the Oral Care are of the non-UV spectrum. However, we can assure you we use the optimal amount of LEDs, color spectrums and energy output to ensure the best performance we can provide!

  28. John (verified owner)

  29. mark mcintyre (verified owner)

  30. Alexandra E. (verified owner)

    I am so enjoying my Oral Care – LED Light Therapy. Very simple to use and my teeth feel so clean and smooth for hours after a treatment, brighter too. Great investment!

  31. julie (verified owner)

    This works great! I’m using it for whitening and pain resulting for dental surgery. So far excellent results.

  32. Olena (verified owner)

    Nice product, easy to use, and it was delivered very fast.

  33. jbsherburne

    The charge lasts a long time through multiple treatments. I wear this device privately because it looks a little silly, but the results are significant for 10 minutes of shyness! I am a smoker and my biggest benefit from the dpl is a pink tongue and healthier gums as well as whiter front teeth. That smoker stain doesn’t stand up to the light!

  34. Alina (verified owner)

    I’ve been using my oral mouth device for a couple months now and loving it.

  35. Wayne (verified owner)

    i ordered a DPL oral care unit in Decemeber- works great! 

Q & A

Is this device FSA/HSA eligible? L Zim asked on March 29, 2023

Yes, the Oral Care device is FSA/HSA approved. You can either pay with your FSA card at checkout using "Pay with FSA/HSA by Binkey". Or if you pay by another method, you can reach out to our Customer Service department for an itemized receipt to submit to your FSA/HSA provider.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on March 29, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
How can I order a replacement mouth tray? MKL asked on February 17, 2023

We do sell additional/extra mouth trays (based on availability), please contact Customer Service at (800) 337-9565 to place an order.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on February 21, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
Would this device have any effect on tonsils? Genna asked on February 5, 2023

The Oral Care device will not have a positive or negative impact on tonsils.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on February 7, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
Is it safe to use with crowns ? Diana Holt asked on February 1, 2023

Hi Diana, Yes, it is safe to use the Oral Care device with a crown(s).

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on February 1, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
Can this device be used to accelerate orthodontic treatments? Michelle asked on January 25, 2023

Hi Michelle, we have not tested our devices on accelerating orthodontic treatments however, the Oral Care device could help with inflammation of the mouth and provide pain relief for the area.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on January 25, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)

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