Video thumbnail of user unboxing and using lux collection sonique mini sonic cleanser
Video thumbnail of user unboxing and using lux collection sonique mini sonic cleanser
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Lux Collection Soniqué Mini Cleanser Anti-Aging & Acne

(50 customer reviews)

A Breakthrough in Facial Cleansing.

The reVive Light Therapy™ Lux Collection Soniqué Mini has unique LED settings: blue light to destroy acne-causing bacteria, red light to reduce fine lines and blemishes, and a combination mode to do both. Add the sonic cleansing feature and you have the ultimate device for all your skincare needs.

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Why choose the reVive Light Therapy™ Lux Soniqué Mini?

  • FDA-cleared
  • Water-resistant
  • Combines the soothing, restorative treatment of multi-spectrum light therapy with gold-standard sonic cleansing technology
  • Reduce and prevent wrinkles and clear acne flare-ups
  • Trusted and recommended by skincare professionals.

Red, amber, and infrared light therapy minimizes smile lines, crow’s feet, brow lines, loss of firmness, and skin dullness, in addition to enhancing skin tone, color, and texture. The sonic vibrations work to massage the skin and open the pores for a deeper clean. The IPX6 water-resistant design makes it easy to incorporate into your daily routine, so you can achieve radiant results with just minutes of use each day.

This device features light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that release specific wavelengths to benefit your skin with three distinct settings:

 Lux Collection Soniqué Mini in Action


Lux Collection Soniqué Mini Includes

  • Lux Soniqué Mini Anti-Aging and Acne Treatment LED Sonic Cleanser
  • 1 Silicone Cleansing Treatment Head
  • 1 Silicone Massage Treatment Head
  • User Guide
  • 1-Year Warranty

Honorable Mentions

video thumbnail of instagram post of influencer showing how to use sonique mini
“The @revivelighttherapy Soniqueé Mini LED Sonic Cleanser is a great at home device that combines medically proven LED skincare with sonic cleansing technology! As a dual function LED device it can reduce and prevent wrinkles or help clear an acne flare up. It’s amazing!” — Gina Maria, Watch the video @ginamariaskincare

Beauty expert Stacy Cox on KTLA

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50 reviews for Lux Collection Soniqué Mini Cleanser Anti-Aging & Acne

  1. Kerrie G. (verified owner)

  2. Krystal Tastet (verified owner)

    It won’t turn on anymore. I had for one month

    • LED Technologies Customer Service (store manager)

      We are so sorry to hear that Krystal. The Lux Collection Sonique Mini comes with a 1-year warranty. I see you ordered through our website, so you are automatically registered for the warranty. Please reach out directly to our Customer Service team at support@ledtechnologies.com for the next steps!

  3. Anne (verified owner)

    So far this device seems to be working OK. I’m not sure if it’s doing what it is intended to do but it is functioning so far, so that’s good. I bought it to replace the one I had purchased in 2022 that stopped working after a few months. Hopefully this one won’t do that. If it also stops working I will be done with this company.

    • LED Technologies Customer Service (store manager)

      Hi Anne! The Sonique Mini has a few uses, you can always reach out to our customer support team at support@ledtechnologies.com if you have any questions on how to best use the device. You could also check out our YouTube for ‘how to’ videos. The Sonique Mini does come with a 1-year warranty if you have any trouble! And since you purchased through our website, your warranty is automatically registered.

  4. Roxann B. (verified owner)

    I like using the mini cleanser anti-aging and acne light therapy, however, I didn’t realize that I should use eye protection. I close my eyes when using this cleanser but the red light therapy is very bright. Upon using this cleanser, I have noticed cleaner skin. I cannot attest if this cleanser will help with anti-aging because I need to invest in eye protection. I wish it came with eye protection goggles.

    • LED Technologies Customer Service (store manager)

      We are so glad to hear you like the Sonique Mini! While eye protection is recommended with the use of blue light (include on the acne and combo settings), our newer devices are designed so you can avoid shining the lights directly in the eye while placed directly on the skin. If you are sensitive to the lights, you can find tanning goggles available in our shop.

  5. Katie (verified owner)

    This is the second device I have purchased from LED. The first one was for acne only but this device is for anti aging and acne. A two-fer!!! Also a wonderful Black Friday price!!!!

    • LED Technologies Customer Service (store manager)

      Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer – except a returning happy customer!

  6. CAITLIN (verified owner)

    Stopped working after 3 uses

  7. trlogan.96 (verified owner)

    I liked the Sonique Mini Cleanser while it worked. I owned this item less than a month when the sonic vibrations button stopped functioning completely. When contacting support, they do not offer a return label nor supplemental shipping costs to send to their technical team to investigate the issue. I’m interested to see how they proceed with this issue.

  8. Monika L. (verified owner)

    I love this cleanser it is easy to use and very convenient.

    • LED Technologies Customer Service (store manager)

      That’s wonderful to hear! We love that you love it 😀

  9. CATHERINE BARTZ (verified owner)

    The Sonique mini is my favorite product from LED. It’s easy to use and my face feels so clean and smooth after using it. I would highly recommend this product.

  10. kellsy3000

    This Mini Cleanser is a compact skincare powerhouse. With its three LED settings, it effectively handles acne and signs of aging. The blue light setting targets acne-causing bacteria, leading to a noticeable reduction in breakouts. The red light focuses on reducing fine lines and blemishes, leaving skin feeling firmer and more youthful.

    The combination mode is a perfect all-rounder, tackling both acne and aging signs simultaneously. The device is user-friendly and lightweight.

    Overall, the Mini Cleanser is a fantastic skincare investment, providing comprehensive and effective treatment in a convenient package. Highly recommended for those aiming to elevate their skincare routine.

  11. serenity150

    This is such a handy little device to take with you anywhere. It is so gentle and does not cause any irritation on my sensitive skin and a big plus is it leaves my skin glowing after use.

    It also works well on smiles lines, crows feet, brow lines and loss of firmness.

  12. nkuleshova92

    The Soniqué Mini Cleanser from Lux Collection exceeded my expectations! Its anti-aging and acne-fighting properties are incredible. My skin feels rejuvenated, and my acne is noticeably reduced. The convenience of its compact size makes it perfect for travel. I’m genuinely impressed!

  13. monaarora.contact

    Experience the skincare revolution with the Soniqué Mini Anti-Aging & Acne Sonic Cleanser as an your ultimate solution for a radiant and blemish-free complexion! 🌿✨

    This powerful sonic cleanser is specially designed to target both anti-aging and acne concerns, giving you a comprehensive skincare experience. Embrace the transformative benefits of the Soniqué Mini, as it cleanses and revitalizes your skin for a youthful and clear complexion. The Lux Soniqué Mini has unique LED settings. You can chose the red light mode for wrinkle relief, the pink light mode for acne treatment, or the combination mode for a
    comprehensive skincare routine for traveling or at-home use.

    Mighty mini! The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Soniqué Mini is FDA-cleared, water-resistant and rechargeable and effective!

    Its such small size makes it very easy to carry even while you are traveling.

    Indulge in the beauty of @revivelighttherapy’s innovation, tailored to give you smoother, more vibrant skin with the added benefits of anti-aging and acne-fighting technology. 💆‍♀️💧

  14. Gerry A. (verified owner)

    You can thank Rachel K. for my purchase! I just love her so much that I was sold the minute I saw her little video. Anyway, as I said, in the above message, I am very very happy with my product! Thank you! 🙂

  15. April (verified owner)

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Notice improvement in complexion after 2 weeks

  17. Diana R. (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this device for about a month. I use the soft brush and gentle vibration to wash my face twice a day. I like how it deep cleans and exfoliates my skin. It does appear smoother and clearer.

  18. Alisha M. (verified owner)

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. Tina Chisholm (verified owner)

  21. Michelle Gray (verified owner)

    I got it for Christmas and it will not turn on any longer. It has not even been a month. I charged it for a full day and still nothing.

  22. Michelle Poage-Oldroyd (verified owner)

  23. Marlese T. (verified owner)

    I could see a positive result with just one use. My skin looks smooth and plumped. I will continue to use this device every day!

  24. Sally M. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my sonic cleanser and it’s easy to use and have noticed remarkable changes in my skin since using. I use it every night when cleansing my face and even while I have mask on. Great price for a great tool!

  25. Anonymous (verified owner)

  26. Norris B.

  27. Anonymous

    It seems to be helping my skin.

  28. Nora

    Device is easy to use. I use it in the shower for a convenient anti-aging and exfoliation treatment. It is especially helpful on rough skin around knees.

  29. Whitnee W.

    I’m absolutely in love with this for years I used a Clarisonic and thought I loved it until I bought my daughter the acne brush and I used it i soon realized how abrasive it was for my skin and had to order me this one for wrinkles. My face feels so clean and smooth my makeup applies better I just can’t say enough amazing things about this company and their products. I
    do however recommend double cleansing first to remove as much makeup and oils as possible then using this with your favorite cleaners to get the benefit for the sonic vibrations to cleanse the skin properly. Don’t hesitate purchasing the silicone removable top makes sure your not spreading germs and bacteria around in your face amazing product.

  30. Lisa

    Working wonders on my teenagers skin

  31. sandy

    easy to use, I put on some serum and then set the Sonic to the first pulse and run it over my chin and mouth area for 3 minutes. It makes my chin area feel refreshed.

  32. Nora T.

    Device is easy way to use blue light treatment. I could see improvement immediately. Highly recommend as part of daily routine.

  33. Whitnee W.

    I got this device for my 13 year old daughter who started having hormonal acne and just some black heads so far she’s been using this for a few weeks and she LOVES it and even seeing an improvement in such a short time. Would definitely recommend I’m wanting to order the wrinkle one for me I’ve used hers a handful and times and it left my skin feeling clean and soft. I like how it’s silicone and that makes it cleaner and less likely for germs to spread.

  34. Stef

    This is seriously my favorite skin care tool. I wish I had bought one sooner. Every time I use it, I’m still blown away at how smooth my skin feels afterwards. I love that this is a multi-purpose tool that I can use to clean my face or use as spot light therapy treatment for pesky pimples when they pop up. I’m not in the habit of using serums but curious to try it out now that I have this handy tool to help! I had to buy a second set of brush heads because my husband kept using mine – he loves it too!

  35. Brandi P.

    Regrettably, I’m the world’s worst at taking before pictures, so I can’t provide much of a report on fine line reduction (and I’m 32, so I’m more in the prevention stage at present). However, this little tool has become the cornerstone of my nighttime cleansing routine. It does a fantastic job of gently removing makeup and leaves my face feeling cleaner than anything else I’ve ever used. For that alone, I highly recommend it. As far as the light function, I usually hold it over my lips and the corners of my eyes for one cycle a couple of times a week and always feel a warmth in my skin after using it, even though the device stays cool. My lips seem to show the most noticeable difference.

    All in all, I would highly recommend it and will likely even travel with it. Great buy all around.

  36. Kari

    I’ve had an LED panel for a while, and this has been a great compliment to my skincare regimen.

  37. Teena Keaton

    I received the product and installed batteries and the machine would come on but the light would not. I tried other batteries just in case and still no light. I have called the company 2 times. I requested a replacement and all they offered was a tech call. Very disappointed.

  38. Anonymous

  39. Judy

    I love reVive Light Therapy Products! This came in time for Christmas and was packaged so it wouldn’t get broken in the Christmas rush! Just starting to use it, but love it already! I plan to buy another one for a family member as a gift!

  40. Rachel L.

    I am super happy with my purchase! I have dry, sensitive skin and the device doesn’t cause any irritation. There’s also been a noticiable drop in the occasional acne flareups that I often get have been reduced.

  41. Janell B.

  42. Rachelle Davis

    Like the cleaning and massage. Cannot tell if it will improve anything yet. I have anywhere if your devices, so I plan to use them both.

  43. Janet Goff

  44. Tammie

    This is an amazing little device, far better than some other sonic cleanser devices I have used. Works great with all the different cleaners I use. The LED is also a wonderful bonus. I wish I had purchased sooner.

  45. sincerely.megss

    I am seeing results after only 3 treatments!! My breakouts have minimized and I love that I can use it in the shower too!!!

  46. sincerely.megss

    I have been using this device for 3 weeks and it’s incredible. Don’t hesitate on this one, BUY IT! I use it every single day in both my morning skincare routine and my evening. I love how gentle it is on my extremely sensitive skin and how much it makes my skin glow. I’m so glad I bought this!

  47. Dawn A.

    It has really helped my texture, redness and I have less acne. I still don’t understand how to use it with serums. Asked the company and got a generic response that didn’t help at all. But it is worth the money.

  48. Charlotte

    Seeing results after only a few treatments.

  49. aengle777

    This is wonderful!!! It is so easy to use and so gentle on the skin. I am going to absolutely love using the Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser every day.

  50. Tracey E.

    I love this product so much I buy mulitples at a time to give as client gifts. It makes my face feel so clean while fighting wrinkles at the same time.

Q & A

What light frequency does this device use? Katie Unsell asked on December 15, 2023

For Anti-aging, the Lux Sonique Mini uses a combination of Infrared (I/R) 880nm, Deep Red 660nm, Red 630nm and Amber 605nm LEDs designed to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin cells, reversing wrinkles and fine lines. The acne setting uses a combination of Blue 415nm & Red 630nm LEDs to reduce acne flare ups, stabilize oil glands and purify skin. The combination setting will utilize all of the lights and benefits listed above!

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on December 18, 2023 store manager
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Can this be used on the shower? Heather asked on November 30, 2023

The Lux Sonique Mini is water resistant. Yes, it can be used in the shower but do not submerge it in water. It is also recommended to remove the silicone head after use to allow to dry.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on December 4, 2023 store manager
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Is this safe durning pregnancy? Miranda asked on November 20, 2023

For safety, you should consult with your physician before starting light therapy.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on November 21, 2023 store manager
(0) (0)
Why is the warranty only six months to a year tops?I would like to think Revive stands behind its devices and guarantees it’s not going to stop working. $400 for the DPL 2 is quite a investment and only guaranteeing that it will work for one year doesn’t give me any faith in it. What happens if it just stops working after a year like so many of these Made in China beauty products do?!! Jody Burgoyne asked on June 23, 2022

Hi there! Our products are continually improving! This means that, we use innovative technology for all of our devices, therefore we do not provide with a lifetime warranty.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on June 24, 2022 store manager
(0) (3)

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