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Lux Collection Clinical Anti-Aging & Acne

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Anti-Aging? Or Anti-Acne? Yes.

The reVive Light Therapy® Lux Collection Clinical is an advanced light therapy device that can treat wrinkles and acne, at the same time. Choose from three powerful treatment settings: anti-aging, acne, or both. Treatment time takes just a couple of minutes a day and is the perfect way to relax, beautify, and unwind.

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The Lux Collection represents our most luxurious devices, featuring upscale finishes and enhanced functional performance. The Lux Collection Clinical offers cordless operation and a proximity sensor to ensure proper treatment performance with the choice of either anti-aging or acne treatments or a combination of them both. The medical-grade lights purify and enhance the skin, making treatment with the FDA-cleared Lux Clinical an excellent addition to your daily skincare routine for a clean youthful appearance.

The Lux Clinical’s treatment head has an exclusive triangular shape that makes treating the areas beneath your eyes and around your nose easier than before. Our reVive Light Therapy® device offers proven results — 97% of participants in a consumer study reported visible wrinkle improvements after 10 weeks of using, and 100% of users in a consumer study experienced a significant reduction in acne when using blue light therapy. Treat your skin to a few minutes of light therapy each day to improve your skin health!


Lux Collection Clinical Includes:

  • Lux Collection Clinical Anti-Aging & Acne Treatment Device
  • User Guide
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Power Adapter
  • 1-Year Warranty
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38 reviews for Lux Collection Clinical Anti-Aging & Acne

  1. Diane (verified owner)

    I wrote the review in the wrong box…see web review..sorry.

    • LED Technologies Customer Service (store manager)

      Thanks Diane for such a glowing review, we are thrilled to hear about your positive experience. I’m posting your review here since it was so nice! “Love it! I am 66 yrs young with childhood scars that surfaced and prone to cystic acne. This device is remarkable, I like the 3 operations-one tool. I have super sensitive skin, and the acne light dissolved a lump cyst I developed from a necklace chain. I paid $5,000 for 2 cysts to be removed from my neck just a few years ago. In 3 days it reduced it from a large grape to a seed size. My skin is intolerant to environmental changes. My deep scars are reducing to fine lines. I am now working on my chin definition. People believe I am 10 years younger. I bought the hand held anti aging and saw change, this device has proven its value. I try to use it twice a day, but not always. I like that it covers more surface area because the shape allows you to rotate the angles. I use special makeup, but will still have a breakout, my develop as lumps under the skin, this device works so well on 1 to 2 sessions to control it. Have large pores and it tightens them. I read all reviews before I bought this model, it works.”

  2. Jeanette S. (verified owner)

    Nice and lightweight model. Easy to hold and maneuver around my face and jawline. I love how my face glows for a few hours after use, looks healthy and flush.
    I’m using mostly the red LED function but found the blue treatment effective on random spots that pop up. Looking forward to the next 90 days and seeing improvement!

  3. Andrea (verified owner)

    I like it so far. I love the auto sensor and auto shut off. The 3 in 1 light options is great. I have been using it about a month every morning. No obvious changes yet, but I’m hopeful to see some skin improvement in the upcoming months.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have 3 new pimple this week…started using it maybe 2 weeks ago

  6. Lauren (verified owner)

    To early to see results but the light itself doesn’t hold much charge and it seems a bit glitchy, shutting itself off frequently.

  7. Zaida Negron (verified owner)

    So easy to use

  8. Brenda Hamilton (verified owner)

  9. Stephanie V. (verified owner)

    I always read reviews before purchasing items. We also did not want to go the accutane route and thought we’d try this. I have to say, I was skeptical, but it has helped my daughter so much! [Clinical Acne]

  10. Debbie (verified owner)

  11. Lowell Knight (verified owner)

    wife in wheelchair, used on ‘bed sores’, seems to help

  12. romy

    I’m absolutely obsessed with the Lux Clinical device! This dual function device’s anti-aging & acne treatment device is genius & I love that I can target both my wrinkles & breakouts with the same device! I am really impressed with the noticeable results I get from this at home device for well under $200! If you are a beauty junkie like me you NEED a Lux Clinical device in your beauty arsenal!!

  13. Valerie G.

    I already noticed the lines in my neck getting thinner and less noticeable [Clinical Anti-Aging]

  14. Elsie R.

    I’ve been using [Clinical Anti-Aging] for about a month – improvement already in fine lines around eyes and in neck area.

  15. Chris

    It’s been three weeks that I’ve been using this [Clinical Anti-Aging] product, have noT seen any results yet

  16. Anonymous

    Love this product, [Clinical Acne] covers a good portion of my face. The shipping was really fast and the customer service is excellent

  17. Whitney

    I was recommended this [Clinical Acne] product by my esthetician as a good way to fight acne around my mouth due to a hormonal imbalance. The product is easy to use and so far I’ve been happy with my results

  18. Fetherolf Cynthia

  19. Lisa

    So far so good, haven’t had [Clinical Acne] long but see a difference.

  20. Dina

    [Clinical Anti-Aging] is working! It’s been a month and I can see results. My skin is more even toned and wrinkles not as deep.

  21. Tammi Montgomery

    Not something I would use. Took to long to do on whole face. I returned but have not received credit on my card.

  22. Anonymous

    I have not been able to use this [Clinical Anti-Aging] device for what I intended it for. I have not been able to screen out the red light that this device emits even though I tried the googles provided with the device and two different black out goggles from Amazon. It has been suggested that I try another device that emits less circumference of light but since these devices can not be returned, I am reluctant to try another.

  23. mlabriom

    I am unable to use the [Clinical Anti-Aging] product because I have found no eye protection that prevents the red light shining into my eyes. I have tried the googles that came with the product and two black out goggles from Amazon. Unfortunately, this device can not be returned or exchanged. It is tempting to try another device that might have less light emission but the 20% discount offered is not a sufficient enough discount.

  24. Christine C.

    I purchased this [Clinical Acne] for my son for Christmas. He has noticed an improvement of his acne since he started using. I have used the panels for years . I can not say enough good things about them . This is a wonderful product for both acne and wrinkles. Highly recommend

  25. Emily M.

    Love that [Clinical Acne] turns off after a 3 minute cycle. Great pouch for storage. Lightweight, easy to use, LED area is big enough to treat sizable areas at once.

  26. vivi_chan

    I got this [Clinical Acne] device as a Christmas present, was skeptical at first. But I recently developed a big cystic acne on my cheek due to mask wearing. I started to use this daily for 3 min. My face is so much better and clearer these days! This light treatment can reduce inflammation on acne overnight, the bumpiness is gone the next day! Highly recommend for those with acnes!

  27. Kathleen

  28. Jill

    Just started but really like [Clinical Anti-Aging] and will definitely stick with it!

  29. Anonymous

    Absolutely love this [Clinical Acne] product! It works very well and the packaging is good quality. For the price and quality, this was worth the purchase! It comes with a charger, travel bag, and protective eye wear. I chose this product over other LED devices specifically for the eye wear because it means the strength is high enough for the price.

  30. Miranda

  31. Sharon K.

    Love [Clinical Anti-Aging]. I can see it making a difference with my hooded eyelids. It also seems to be helping my cystic acne. Great product! Thanks!

  32. Minerva

    I’ve only been using [Clinical Anti-Aging] for A couple of weeks but I really like it. Like the fact that it turns off by itself. Can’t wait to see the results.

  33. Vanessa

    I love this LED light [Clinical Anti-Aging]. It’s so much more comfortable than a mask. I love that it’s handheld and easy to use

  34. Anonymous

    Great customer service from Ivy. Product [Clinical Anti-Aging] is easy to use, nice size.

  35. Anonymous

  36. Anonymous

  37. Koko

    I love my reVive light [Clinical Anti-Aging]! I’ve already saved so much money having one at home opposed to going and getting an LED light facial somewhere else. I’ve had it for a few weeks and my skin already feels rejuvenated.

  38. Deborah

    I recently ordered a [Clinical Acne] light for my daughter and she absolutely loves it!

Q & A

How long should a charge last if only using on face? Nancy asked on August 6, 2023

Hi Nancy, unfortunately, we cannot provide accurate number of uses because this will depend on how frequently and for how long you will be using the device. Personally, I was surprised at how long the charge lasted in this device with daily use.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on August 7, 2023 store manager
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Can the Lux Clinical be used on spider veins? Nancy asked on July 29, 2023

Hi Nancy, we have not conducted any studies for the varicose veins, so we advise you to check with your physician before starting light therapy.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on August 1, 2023 store manager
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How many LEDs are in the head and in what nanometer ranges? Janelle asked on June 24, 2023

The Lux Clinical includes infrared, red and amber LED lights. It is important to remember the key to a successful Light Therapy device is the overall optical energy performance of the device over the treatment time. The optical energy delivered by different LEDs is not equal, and in many instances we are able to deliver stronger, more efficacious performance with fewer LEDs than our competitor’s devices due to selecting the proper LED performance, resulting in shorter treatment times. Additionally, we do not market proprietary information such as wavelengths, irradiance or nanometers. The optical output is part of our IP (Intellectual Property) and we do not disclose this information as it is one of the key components that separates us from our competitors. LED Technologies’ products are designed to deliver the optimal optical energy to ensure the highest quality performance and safety in an at-home setting.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on June 27, 2023 store manager
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For the Lux is it dual action meaning does it perform both anti aging and acne treatment?? It just says or. So I'm a little confused MICHELLE POPE asked on April 27, 2023

yes, the Lux Collection Clinical does preform both antiaging and acne treatment. There are 3 different modes: anti-aging, acne treatment or combination.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on May 2, 2023 store manager
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Am I able to use the Lux LED device after applying skin care products or should I use it before applying them? Thanks! Halee asked on March 4, 2023

For any light therapy treatments, we recommend to start with clean skin and to stay away from serums/lotions with any light activated or light blocking ingredients until after your light therapy treatment.

LED Technologies Customer Service answered on March 7, 2023 store manager
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Device Image Anti-Aging Acne Treatment Power Source Price Warranty Proximity Sensor FSA/HSA Approved FDA-Cleared
LUX COLLECTION CLINICAL Lux Clinical with lights on green checkmark green checkmark USB-C / Rechargeable $199 1-Year green checkmark green checkmark green checkmark
CLINICAL ANTI-AGING reVive Light Therapy Clinical Wrinkle Reduction & Anti-Aging Device green checkmark red x Corded $79 1-Year red x red x green checkmark
CLINICAL ACNE TREATMENT LED Light Acne Treatment red x green checkmark Corded $99 1-Year red x green checkmark green checkmark

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