3 Ways LED Light Therapy Differs From a Tanning Bed

3 Ways LED Light Therapy Differs From a Tanning Bed

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We know you’re a smart, health conscious individual who doesn’t need another skin safety talk, but in case you need a refresher, read up on our earlier post on sun tanning. We’ve noticed a trend in consumers wondering if shining LED light therapy on their skin could result in cancer like a tanning bed. There are 3 major differences between reVive Light Therapy and tanning beds all of which are important to consider when choosing an LED Light Therapy device:

reVive Light Therapy does NOT emit harmful UV rays

Developed by NASA research, LED light therapy was to provide astronauts with “good” light spectrums while spending copious amounts of time in space. Since it has been made available for consumers, we can deliver concentrated doses of the effective, non-harmful light spectrums to the body which reveals clear, wrinkle reduced, brighter looking skin.

reVive Light Therapy Devices are FDA cleared

reVive Light Therapy devices are free of toxins and chemicals. We have achieved high standards by receiving FDA clearance for our LED products. This ensures that we are not manufacturing toxic products that are harmful to skin. Skincancer.org suggests people who used tanning beds before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by 75%.

Tanning beds stimulate melanocytes. LED light therapy stimulates collagen production.

Quick dermatology lesson: Melanocytes= cells that produce melanin. Melanin= your tan.

When skin is exposed to UVA lights, your skin rapidly produces melanin to shield itself from burning. However, the harmful light emitted by a tanning bed is also reaching your skin’s epidermis which also brings on a whole host of other health related issues. By the way, tanning beds also bring on premature aging skin. When reVive Light Therapy lights reach your epidermis, collagen and elastin, the agents responsible for keeping your skin youthful, are stimulated. reVive Light Therapy’s anti-aging treatments also provide a soothing effect to the external layers of skin, enhancing natural coloration while reducing the signs of aging due to blemishes.

Reverse the damage with reVive. Our LED light therapy anti-aging systems can reduce fine lines and wrinkles brought on by previous tanning bed habits.

Health & Beauty Tips

At reVive Light Therapy, we are committed to sharing health and beauty tips to enrich your life. Everyone deserves to live an empowered life and we want to help you get there. If you suffer from acne, wrinkles, or pain, our light therapy products can help.

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