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  • LED Light Wrinkle Reduction & Acne Treatment PanelLED Light Wrinkle Reduction & Acne Treatment Panel

    Lux Collection dpl IIa – LED Light Wrinkle Reduction & Acne Treatment Panel

    Winner of the 2022 New You Beauty Awards: Greatest Gadget...

  • clinical acne, lux clinical and clinical anti-aging on white backgroundhand holding Lux Clinical LED light therapy device
    SALE $79

    Clinical – LED Light Therapy

    Professional-Grade Technology, At-Home Comfort reVive Light Therapy® Clinical devices provide...

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  • group of sonique mini sonic cleansing deviceshand holding sonique mini sonic cleansing device
    SALE $39

    Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser

    Winner of the 2021 Beauty Innovation Awards: Facial Brush of...

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  • Grouping of Essentials products for acne and anti-aging on white backgroundhand holding up Lux Collection Essentials with lights on
    SALE $39

    Essentials – Compact LED Light Therapy

    Compact, Clinical Skincare Technology If you're looking for an innovative...

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  • group of glo devices, acne, lux collection and anti-aginghand holding glo led light therapy device with lights on
    SALE $29

    Glō – Portable LED Light Therapy

    The Future of Beauty-on-the-Go Is Here! The reVive Light Therapy®...

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  • Group of Sonique Sonic Cleansing devices with lights onhand holding Lux Sonique sonic cleanser with LED light therapy
    SALE $59

    Soniqué LED Sonic Cleanser

    A Brand New Way to Cleanse The reVive Light Therapy®...

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  • Lux Collection Spot Acne Treatment

    Portable, Powerful, Affordable Acne Treatment This go-to acne treatment device...

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  • Clinical XL – LED Light Therapy for Skincare & Acne Treatment

    The Ultimate At-Home LED Acne Treatment reVive Light Therapy® Clinical...

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  • reVive Light Therapy Poof Acne Treatment DevicesHolding Poof Portable LED Light Acne Treatment Devices
    SALE $14

    Poof — Portable LED Light Acne Treatment

    Portable, Powerful Acne Treatment Zap acne anywhere with our smallest...

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How Does Blue Light Therapy Help with Acne and Scarring?

Our blue LED light therapy products alleviate acne and minimize associated scarring by clearing bacteria from your pores and preventing it from coming back. These devices feature LEDs (light-emitting diodes) that produce non-UV blue wavelengths.

Blue light is a short wave that can penetrate the user’s pores where acne-causing bacteria live. Blue light also stabilizes the sebaceous glands’ oil production so the pores remain clear and new acne can’t form.

While blue light takes the lead role in acne treatment, our acne devices use multi-spectrum lights for additional effects. These devices also emit red light, which draws blood carrying oxygen and vital nutrients to the treatment area. The blood flow helps skin cells heal faster while soothing inflammation.

Does Light Therapy for Acne Actually Work?

Yes, light therapy is an acne remedy that works! Dermatologists have used blue light therapy as an acne solution for years, and our products make it possible to access FDA-cleared therapies from home. The results speak for themselves. Research shows that blue light is an effective treatment for both men and women with various types of acne.

Our in-house consumer blue light study shows the science in action. Self-evaluations from men and women ages 18 to 28 show that 100% of subjects with existing acne saw Good, Above Average, or Significant improvements during the two-week testing period with reVive Light Therapy® Acne Treatment. Our blue light therapy devices prove their ability to:

  • Treat existing acne
  • Prevent future flare-ups
  • Stabilize natural oil production

Is Blue Light Therapy Safe?

Blue light therapy is 100% safe when following all treatment guidelines. Our acne treatment products use skin-safe wavelengths that affect bacteria alone. We supply protective goggles with any device that would shine light into the eyes during treatment. Some devices are designed to prevent light from shining into your eyes during use and therefore do not require goggles.

Acne treatment that works

Fight back against stubborn blemishes with reVive Light Therapy® acne treatments. Our portable acne light therapy devices use blue light to help destroy bacteria and stabilize oil glands, and red light to reduce inflammation.

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