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  • dpl Flex PadAnimated Gray FlexPad
    4.38 out of 5

    Flex Pad – LED Light Therapy Muscle Pain Relief

    Versatile Pain Relief The dpl® Flex Pad relaxes muscles and...

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  • dpl Nuve Pain Relief DeviceNuve Pain Relief Device
    4.55 out of 5

    Nüve – LED Light Therapy for Everyday Pain Relief

    Pain Relief When You Need It dpl® Nüve Pain Relief...

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  • dpl clinical light therapy for pain reliefclinical pain light therapy in hand with lights on
    4.17 out of 5

    Clinical – LED Light Therapy for Pain Relief

    At-Home Version of What the Pros Use The dpl® Clinical...

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  • TENS/EMS Back Pain devicetwo hands holding TENS back pain device
    4.50 out of 5
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    TENS/EMS Back Pain Device

    The dpl® TENS/EMS for Back Pain is a dual-frequency device...

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  • dpl TENS/EMS Conductive Gel Padsdpl conductive gel pads packaging front
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    TENS/EMS Conductive Gel Pad Replacements

    These replacement conductive gel pads for dpl® TENS/EMS Back or...

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How Does LED Therapy Alleviate Back Pain?

The back pain you experience from arthritis, daily strain, or injury comes from cellular damage deep within your muscular tissue. In order to ease the deepest pain, you’ll need a device capable of reaching where many solutions can’t. LED light therapy is the process of applying light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to an area that hurts. The therapeutic LED light interacts with your deepest muscle cells and promotes healing.

Infrared light is the key to effective pain relief LED therapy. The wavelength allows infrared light to pass through your skin down to your back’s deepest cells.

Light is an energy source for any cell, and the cells causing your back to hurt need extra fuel to heal. The infrared light energizes cellular recovery, while red light promotes blood flow, helping cells heal faster and reproduce better. At the same time, infrared light triggers the lactic acid in your muscles to leave, removing muscle soreness and allowing accelerated healing. Faster healing and more relaxed muscles ease chronic pain and soreness.

Don’t Let Back Pain Stop You Anymore

Relieve occasional or chronic back pain with medication-free, non-invasive light therapy products. Our light therapy devices use red and infrared light to penetrate deep below the tissue, to provide relief from aches and pain.

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