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What Is LED Light Therapy?

Light interacts with cells in unique ways. Your cells are capable of converting light into energy, which helps them work harder and reproduce faster. Light also triggers the recovery process in your muscles. Having healthier cells and relaxed muscles will reduce the amount of pain you experience from medical conditions, injuries, and everyday fatigue.

LED therapy devices use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to project different wavelengths that can have beneficial effects. Infrared and red light are the most common in LED therapy because they penetrate deep into the skin. Deep penetration enables infrared light to energize the deepest muscular cells around your joints. Meanwhile, red light operates closer to the surface to draw blood and essential nutrients for healing.

LED therapy is a great option for pain relief because it is safer and more natural than prescription drugs and reaches deeper cells than heat pads. Physical therapists have used LED therapy for decades to reduce muscular pain. Now, these devices are available for home use.

Natural, fast-acting pain relief

Whether you suffer from chronic pain or just need pain relief every once in a while, our light therapy devices can help relax muscles, relieve spasms, stiffness and pain, and increase blood circulation.
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