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  • Oral Care – LED Light Therapy for Teeth & Gum Care

    Healthier Gums and Whiter Teeth The most advanced over-the-counter oral...

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  • Flex Pad – LED Light Therapy Muscle Pain Relief

    Versatile Pain Relief The dpl® Flex Pad relaxes muscles and...

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  • Joint Wrap – LED Light Therapy for Joint Pain Relief

    The Most Versatile Joint Pain Relief Device The dpl® Joint...

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  • clinical acne, lux clinical and clinical anti-aging on white backgroundhand holding Lux Clinical LED light therapy device
    SALE $79

    Clinical – LED Light Therapy

    Professional-Grade Technology, At-Home Comfort reVive Light Therapy® Clinical devices provide...

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  • Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser

    Winner of the 2021 Beauty Innovation Awards: Facial Brush of...

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  • Slippers – LED Light Therapy for Foot Pain Relief

    Unlike Anything You’ve Tried Before Sink your feet into the...

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  • Grouping of Essentials products for acne and anti-aging on white backgroundhand holding up Lux Collection Essentials with lights on
    SALE $39

    Essentials – Compact LED Light Therapy

    Compact, Clinical Skincare Technology If you're looking for an innovative...

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  • group of glo devices, acne, lux collection and anti-aginghand holding glo led light therapy device with lights on
    SALE $29

    Glō – Portable LED Light Therapy

    The Future of Beauty-on-the-Go Is Here! The reVive Light Therapy®...

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  • Group of Sonique Sonic Cleansing devices with lights onhand holding Lux Sonique sonic cleanser with LED light therapy
    SALE $59

    Soniqué LED Sonic Cleanser

    A Brand New Way to Cleanse The reVive Light Therapy®...

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  • Lux Collection Spot Acne Treatment

    Portable, Powerful, Affordable Acne Treatment This go-to acne treatment device...

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  • Clinical XL – LED Light Therapy for Skincare & Acne Treatment

    The Ultimate At-Home LED Acne Treatment reVive Light Therapy® Clinical...

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  • Wrist Wrap – LED Light Therapy for Wrist Pain Relief

    Great for Relieving Pain from Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis Our...

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  • dpl Neck Pillow for Pain Reliefdpl Neck Pillow With Lights On

    Neck Pillow – LED Light Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

    The Only Light Therapy Neck Pillow Our travel-ready dpl® Neck...

  • Flex Mitt – LED Light Therapy for Hand Pain Relief

    Get Your Mobility Back Slide your hands into the dpl®...

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  • Eye Mask – LED Light Therapy for Head Pain Relief

    Revolutionary Head Pain Device The dpl® Eye Mask is intended...

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